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C4K's Varsity Board brings together over 100 high school leaders from across Oklahoma under our banner of "kids helping kids." The Board meets four times throughout the year and participates in holding collection drives, helping in the C4K Locker Room and volunteering at other events. These young philanthropists are a vital part of the C4K team!

This year's board is made up of 144 students from 17 high schools: 27 freshman, 44 sophomores, 36 juniors, and 45 seniors.

Meeting Dates
for 2021-2022

September 19th, 5 PM

November 14th, 5 PM

February 27th, 5 PM

April 24th, 5 PM

Varsity Board Requirements

Attend at least two of the four Varsity Board meetings.

Complete at least four hours of community service in the Locker Room, at a C4K event or another opportunity given by C4K staff.


Please email Allyson Meyer, The Varsity Board Coordinator, at allyson@cleatsforkids.org.