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Ready to Run

The lack of running shoes impacts children of all ages. In elementary school, kids who don’t have proper footwear are unable to fully participate in Physical Education and are sometimes even denied the chance to do so. In high school, kids are held back from participating in sports because of a lack of shoes or are playing in shoes that don’t fit properly.

C4K’s Ready to Run Programs focus on providing elementary, middle and high school athletes with running shoes. High school cross country and track athletes are given high-end running shoes to support their training and competition. Elementary school students are given new running shoes to participate in physical education or recess.

Gear Up For Kids

The Gear Up for Kids Program provides students with sporting goods to participate in the Oklahoma City Public School 5th and 6th grade league in partnership with the Police Athletic League (PAL). This league’s goal is to engage students in a positive mentoring environment where they can grow their minds, bodies and character through sports

Early participation in sports, which this league accomplishes, is essential. Elementary school is the time when kids write the blue print for their life – where they start understanding who they are and what they believe. This league gives kids the opportunity to build self-esteem, learn important life lessons like perseverance, leadership, goal setting, hard work and integrity.

Simon Greiner Track and Field Program

The Simon Greiner Track and Field Program is a collaborative partnership with  Fields & Futures to reignite a passion for track and field in Oklahoma City. It serves to honor the memory of Simon Greiner, a student athlete who acted as a positive force in the lives of anyone who ran with him at Edmond Memorial High School and beyond.

The concept of good sportsmanship that Simon exemplified is a driving tenant of the Program. Last fall, C4K was able to equip and support cross country teams from three OKCPS schools: US Grant High School, John Marshall High School and Northwest Classen High School. C4K’s partnerships with Red Coyote Running was instrumental in providing long distance running spikes, running socks and high-end running shoes to these three teams. 

Equip Oklahoma

In Fall 2017, C4K received our largest equipment donation EVER from global manufacturer Under Amour. With more sports equipment to give than ever before, Equip Oklahoma was started to help C4K distribute equipment donated from retailers and manufacturers to student athletes across the entire state.

Hoop It Up

C4K’s “Hoop It Up” Program is a comprehensive way to collect or purchase basketball shoes to distribute to athletes of all ages. Basketball remains one of C4K’s most popular sport – meaning we could impact thousands of student athletes! We aim to equip kids with well-fitting basketball shoes so they can do their best on the court. Opening this opportunity for physical activity reveals a new world where kids can find a place to belong while learning life lessons in the process.