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The C4K Sunny Day Wraps Up Virtual Collection Drives Across OKC

Back in March & April, we encouraged people to hold collection drives in their home and donate their collected items to nonprofits when it was safe to do so! We called the campaign #SaveItForASunnyDay.

That Sunny Day finally came on June 8th, when C4K wrapped up virtual collection drives happening across the OKC metro with a special donation drop-off event and volunteer day at the C4K Office.

We are so thankful to the individuals and families who participated in our virtual collection drives. The equipment they collected will help us keep our shelves stocked as kids are able to play sports again in the coming months. We are so ready to get these kids in the game!

The C4K Sunny Day also meant that we had two small groups of Varsity Board volunteers helping us get caught up on our inventory! We are SO THANKFUL for this group of incredible workers. Together they inventoried nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment that will go on our shelves. Kids helping kids in action!