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Teaming Up With the Memorial Kids Marathon!

Last month, the team at C4K was honored to partner with the Memorial Kids Marathon once again! The staff and the team at the Marathon were excited to be back together getting kids involved in the Run to Remember after a brief break due to the pandemic. This year's partnership with Cesar Chavez Elementary shows just how powerful the message the race shares with the community is.

The Kids Marathon encourages children to get active while teaching important lessons from the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and the Oklahoma Standard. The group of 30 runners from Cesar Chavez are working together to complete 25 miles leading up to Race Day on April 23rd where they'll run the last 1.2 miles with their community.

Each of the runners were given a brand new pair of running shoes, a pair of running socks and a water bottle to help them stay hydrated as they train. Runners will be feel comfortable and safe to do their best as they train and participate in Race Day!

Part of why this partnership is so special is because of a teacher named Ms. Foley. Ms. Foley's mother was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. She now runs the Kids Marathon with her students as a way to celebrate her mother's legacy and share her story.

Ms. Foley shared a bit of that story with the class when C4K visited to distribute the class' shoes: "My mom loved kids! She was a basketball coach and she was a girl scout leader. She loved being around kids so much and the fact that 27 years later we get to run the race together means so much to me."

We want to wish the group at Cesar Chavez the best of luck as they finish training. We can't WAIT to see you all at the finish line on Race Day! Stay tuned to our social media to see photos and videos of our runners on 4/23!

We also want to thank the team at Cesar Chavez and the Memorial Kids Marathon for making this special distribution happen. We are proud to live out the Oklahoma Standard through partnerships like this!

Check out more photos below from the distribution event:

The following photos are provided courtesy of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum: