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Signing Day Excitement at Capitol Hill!

Here's some great news to celebrate Friday!

Capitol Hill High School is an amazing partner school of C4K's. The entire staff and administration are dedicated to the well-being of their students and also recognize the impact that sports can have on a student body.

For the last few years, the community at Capitol Hill has been hard at work strengthening their sports programs, particularly football. C4K was honored to help the team last year with brand new Under Armour Cleats and loved meeting the players and newly hired Athletic Director, Dan Coccanouer. During this distribution event we also met Raul and Saul Torres, twin rising seniors who loved playing football and were excited about the upcoming season.

Last week our friends at Capitol Hill gave us an update on Raul & Saul. They recently signed with Northwestern State University in Alva, OK to play football!

We are so proud of athletes like these incredible twins! We wish them the best of luck with the rest of their senior year AND college next year!