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Kids in Action: Roosevelt Middle School Visits The Locker Room

A huge part of C4K's mission is the idea of kids helping kids. We believe that when we encourage kids to take part in something bigger than themselves, such as philanthropy, the effects are undeniable. We also know that kids are natural philanthropists who want to make a difference in their own backyards, especially if those actions impact other kids.

Roosevelt Middle School is a longtime school partner of ours. Since our founding we've provided shoes and equipment to coaches and students and we even held our inaugural Bedlam Bash on the Roosevelt Campus in 2016! It was at that Bash that we met Felix Linden - teacher and founder of the Roosevelt Leadership Academy. Felix absolutely loves supporting his students as they discover the ins and outs of leadership and thinking critically. He also possesses a positive attitude that is contagious for his students and those around him.

In 2018, Felix approached C4K to be the beneficiary of the Leadership Class' collection drive. His students planned and executed the drive in conjunction with Roosevelt's winter dance. Even though we've worked with Roosevelt for the last few years, we knew the class would do a great job of informing the Roosevelt community about our mission of equipping and empowering kids.

After the holiday season, Felix and his class of young leaders came to the Locker Room to deliver their equipment and help get it on the shelves for other kids! Their dedication to helping others was immediately apparent. The group collected over 100 pieces of equipment - including baseball bats, running shoes, and more.

A huge thank you to the Roosevelt Leadership Academy for helping us impact kids every day through our Locker Room! We can't wait to see the kids' smiles as they lace up their new cleats or pick up their new glove. Having the equipment necessary to play a sport does wonders for a child's self-esteem, unlocking the world of sports and all the life-changing lessons it contains. All it takes, we say, is a pair of shoes!