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OUT NOW: Varsity Board Report 2018-2019

Anyone familiar with C4K knows that the concept of "kids helping kids" is one of the guiding principles of our mission. We keep this idea alive in everything we do: from having groups of kids volunteer in our Locker Room to help with inventory to encouraging kids to host drives at their school or church. The driving force of this idea is our Varsity Board, a group of high school students with a passion for helping others and a belief in the power of sports. This is evident in the group's mission statement: "The Cleats for Kids Varsity Board strives to be an active voice for young athletes in the community. As a team, we empower kids to find their passion and provide opportunities through sports."

Our Varsity Board Coordinator, Allyson Meyer, compiled the above report to summarize the incredible year we had with our Varsity Board! This year's group was our largest yet and their passion for young athletes in their community is simply astounding.

A HUGE thank you to every member of our Varsity Board and their families for all their hard work this year!

Stay tuned for next year's application - it will be released on August 1, 2019!