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OKCPS Athletes in New UA Cleats Hit the Field for 7x7

Earlier this month our friends at The Wes Welker Foundation held their annual 7x7 Camp and C4K was honored to be on the field (well....sorta)! 

Each of the 8 schools in attendance were given brand new team cleats courtesy of Under Armour who donated thousands of pairs of cleats to C4K at the end of 2017. For many athletes this camp was their first time playing in the new cleats their coaches had collected for them. 

Teams from Northwest Classen, Southeast, Star Spencer, Taft, Douglass, Capitol Hill, John Marshall, and US Grant descended on Speegle Stadium at Capitol Hill High School on June 2, 2018. Not only were these athletes given a chance to learn from famous Oklahoman and NFL football player Wes Welker himself but they were also given valuable time to develop as a whole team. 

We are so proud of all of the teams who participated. A huge thank you to Wes Welker and the Wes Welker Foundation for partnering with us to equip and empower kids in Oklahoma!

For more information on the camp and the cleats visit News 9 here