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Meet Daryl Smith: A Local Man Who Made Giving Back a Family Affair

“Daryl and parents like him are a huge reason why Cleats For Kids has been able to help over 100,000 kids in our ten years.”

- Executive Director, Stacy McDaniel

C4K is lucky to know so many game-changing people and organizations in our community. These local heroes unite our communities by giving back.

We want to introduce our friend Daryl Smith and his daughter Lana. Daryl has helped hundreds of kids in Oklahoma by providing them with sports shoes and equipment. He came into C4K for the first time 3 years ago to get equipment for the softball team he was coaching and has continued to come in sometimes weekly to get gear for other kids in need. Daryl's children started asking their friends what they needed and sending Daryl with a list of shoes and sizes. Daryl is a Gamechanger because of his quiet dedication to helping kids reach their full potential. He loves coaching and giving his players the opportunity to be their best selves.

Both of Daryl's daughters are softball players and have helped him connect with many other kids in the Moore area that needed help. Daryl started bringing Lana, a senior at Westmoore and a talented fast pitch player, to help him get all the gear needed. Lana describes softball as her entire world - a passion that has led her to the next level of competition. Lana recently graduated from Westmoore this past May and is going on to play fast-pitch softball at Northern Oklahoma College in Enid. It's an honor to know such a compassionate and talented family!

We wanted to share Daryl and Lana’s story because they embody what it means to be a Gamechanger. They take action to make a positive impact in our community by helping kids grow as individuals both on and off the field. Through his difference-making actions, Daryl has changed the lives of so many kids, which is our ultimate goal at C4K.

Learn more about Daryl and Lana in this video by OKC Good.