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Kids Helping Kids: The Exchange Zone Story

C4K loves any story that involves kids helping other kids. We believe that when kids are able to connect with the act of giving back with something their passionate about, everyone wins! We do our best to encourage any kid who comes to us with an idea for a collection drive, fundraiser or partnership. We are always inspired by these young people

This past Spring, we met one such individual named Jalen Milligan, who graduated from Chandler High School and ran track at Wichita State University, and her mom Jeree. She heard about C4K thanks to our partnership with Koda CrossFit and sent us a message.

Jeree currently lives in Chandler. When Jalen was in high school, she did a community service project gathering used sporting goods and passing them on to other athletes. A track athlete, Jalen wanted to reference her passion in the title of her project. Thus, the Exchange Zone was born. They helped hundreds of athletes in the area surrounding Chandler but the project slowed down once Jalen went off to college out of state. Jalen recently graduated from Wichita State and uses her knowledge of training and safety to help others on their fitness journeys.

Jeree and Jalen decided to donate all of the remaining Exchange Zone inventory to C4K's Locker Room! After a very busy Spring, getting the shoes and equipment from this family will help us keep our shelves stocked and get more kids in the game!

We are so excited to honor Jalen's initial mission of getting more kids involved in sports. She is a great example of kids helping kids in action!