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Kids Helping Kids: Heritage Hall Senior Gives Back to C4K With a Special Passion Project

One of the best parts about working with the high school students who serve on our Varsity Board is watching them connect with our mission in unique and innovative ways! Heritage Hall Senior Luke Portman is no different. Luke is a peer leader who acts as a guide for new students during their first year. Peer Leaders are also required by their instructor to plan and execute a Passion Project.

The HH Passion Project invites senior peer leaders to pursue giving back to their community through whatever project they choose. Luke, a longtime member of the C4K Varsity Board, decided to focus on helping C4K for his project. This year, Luke plans to host multiple collection drives for C4K with a special focus on sports facilities and fields. The donations collected at these drives will go directly to kids via the Locker Room. Additionally, he is planning a fundraising event for C4K at his school.

“I choose to work with C4K because I knew that my contribution to their efforts would have a long-lasting effect on my community,” Portman explained. “Because I have been actively involved with C4K since the beginning of my Freshman year, I can personally testify to the outstanding effects C4K has on the lives of kids in need.”

Luke clearly understands that sports have a huge impact on the physical, mental and social life of kids. He has been a member of the baseball team since his freshman year and greatly values the lessons he’s learned from that experience. “I like to play baseball because it gives me the opportunity to better myself as an individual and work towards a common goal with my friends,” he said.

The entire board of directors and staff at C4K are so thankful to Luke for his leadership and passion for giving back to others. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes through his Passion Project and thank him for choosing C4K as his project partner!