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Giving Tuesday 2017 marks a special day in C4K History. On that day, global sports apparel manufacturer Under Armour surprised our staff with a donation of over 12,000 brand new football cleats. That in-kind donation, the largest in C4K history, has since made a significant impact on the number of kids in our state we were able to serve.

As the C4K Board of Directors and staff met in the days following this momentous occasion, they realized that the new partnership with Under Armour was the perfect starting place for a brand new program: Equip Oklahoma. 

Equip Oklahoma uses the donation of brand new sports shoes and equipment from Under Armour to reach more kids in more areas of the state than ever before. In fact, through this program alone, we've been able to equip 10,000 kids across the entire state, which is nearly double the amount of kids we served in all of 2017! We predict that all 12,000 of those cleats will be on the feet of kids by the start of the Fall Season.

Learn more about this program and the amazing impact it's going to have on sports programs across the state below, presented by OKC GOOD.