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Cross Timbers Students Make a Difference for Young Athletes

Collection drives are the bread and butter of C4K's Locker Room. They replenish our shelves after a busy season, they give volunteers of all ages many different ways to get involved in our mission, and they help spread information about the why and how of what we do!

Many different businesses, groups, schools, and individuals have held collection drives over the last 6 years - but a group of mom's at Edmond elementary school Cross Timbers tried something different!

At the school's Mother/Son Game Night held last month the organizers of the event set out C4K collection boxes and encouraged attendees to bring donations. The rest of the night was spent playing games and having a great night of quality family time! Thanks to this amazing group we were able to replenish our Locker Room with some smaller sizes we have desperately been missing.

We think this unique event idea was SO successful and a neat experience for mothers and sons to share! When we encourage kids, no matter how young, to give back to the community it can ignite in them a natural philanthropy that we think young people naturally possess.

Thank you Cross Timbers for helping us equip & empower kids!