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Congratulations to Our Varsity Board Seniors!

All last week, C4K celebrated the accomplishments and impact of our Varsity Board Seniors. We are so proud of these 41 young leaders who joined us from 7 different high schools. The example they set for others of what it means for kids to give back is inspiring! The Varsity Board's mission is "to be an active voice for young athletes in the community. As a team, we empower kids to find their passion and provide opportunities through sports."

With graduation around the corner, we know that these amazing students are going to go on to do huge things and make a huge difference! Congratulations to each of these young leaders, C4K is cheering you on!

Here is a list of the seniors who have been members of the board for their entire high school career!

Finally, check out a slide that shows the different colleges these students will be heading off to next Fall!

Thank you again to each of these student leaders. Your dedication to the power of sports cannot be ignored and you've made a permanent impact on our mission! Thank you for helping others!