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Check Out Photos from the 5K for Kids!

When the C4K staff had to cancel the seventh-annual Summer Kickoff due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our Varsity Board was disappointed. The Summer Kickoff is a great way to start the season with friends, family and local businesses and has been for 6 years! In response to the cancellation, C4K staff put their heads together to imagine an event that kids could take part in with their families to stay active despite having to remain in or close to home. Thus, the 5K for Kids was born!

The C4K 5K for Kids was a completely virtual 5K. On Saturday, May 30th, 83 runners took off on their own self-guided 3.1 mile run in their neighborhood or local park. We had members of our Varsity Board, members of our YP Board, businesses and more participate in the 5K. Because of the support of these people in our community, C4K was able to raise nearly $2,000 for our mission of equipping and empowering kids through sports!

The funds raised by the 5K for Kids will go to purchase new C4K collection bins. These bins are integral to our mission because they allow us to collect equipment donations at permanent drop-off locations, drives and more. More bins means more equipment on our shelves and, in turn, more kids getting in the game.

C4K wants to thank every single participant for their support of our mission! Check out some photos from the 5K below!