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Since starting in 2011, C4K has met hundreds of thousands of families, coaches and athletes from across our state. In every corner of our state, kids are getting in the game and experiencing the life-changing power of sports. C4K is honored to help increase accessibility to youth sports by providing shoes and equipment free of charge.

In 2021 and 2022, C4K celebrated 10 years of equipping and empowering kids. We've spent the last two years celebrating this important milestone by thanking the individuals, businesses and organizations that have helped us make a game-changing impact on Oklahoma kids. This 10th anniversary campaign culminated in our Gamechangers Tailgate - an immersive event that brought nearly 600 Oklahomans together to celebrate the power of sports.

We've collected a few stories, facts and figures into a beautiful Impact Report designed by our friends at Nominee.

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