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C4K's YMCA Partnership Grows Even More This Spring!

The YMCA OKCPS 3rd & 4th Grade League came to fruition in Spring 2021, after being delayed for nearly a year by COVID-19. The first season included soccer with 11 OKCPS elementary schools participating. 90% of the total athletes that participated in the league received cleats: 134 male students, 117 female students for a total of 266 students.

In Spring of 2022, 27 OKCPS elementary schools participated in the YMCA OKCPS 3rd & 4th Grade League. The season included three sports: soccer, volleyball and track & field. 80% of the total athletes that participated in the league received shoes for a total of 574 athletes.

From Spring 2021 to Spring 2022, this program has grown 218%! Each season, the program has to continue to grow with more students, more schools and more sports! We had a fantastic distribution event at the Downtown YMCA last month where nearly 2 dozen volunteers helped us get shoes directly to kids.

C4K is honored to be a part of this collaborative partnership with the Greater YMCA of Oklahoma City and OKCPS Athletics. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers, team members, coaches, donors and partners who have helped make this happen!

Check out photos from the distribution below!