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C4K Partners With El Sistema to Equip Kids!

C4K was honored to partner with OKC-area nonprofit El Sistema, which enrolls kids in an ensemble-based music program. This organization provides incredibly impactful experiences for kids of all ages. El Sistema is also a Hope Center because it provides supplemental support for kids dealing with a variety of challenges. We believe that all kids deserve the chance to get active - whether they are playing a sport, playing on the playground or participating in PE class. Physical activity compliments so many other types of learning because it allows for focus as well as a healthy lifestyle.

To support El Sistema's efforts, C4K was proud to equip over 30 kids in their program with brand new running shoes, two pairs of socks and a water bottle. The kids were so excited and many of them couldn't wait to test out their new shoes by running around the gym. We hope these shoes help each of these young Oklahomans get active throughout the school day and beyond!

Check out photos from this event below: