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C4K Helps OKCPS Students "Jump In" to the New School Year!

C4K is dedicated to making sure Oklahoma kids have the equipment they need to succeed both on the field and off. After the unpredictable 2020-2021 school year, OKCPS students needed a bit of help to get ready for the upcoming new year. In response, the district started the Jump In Program.

This multi-faceted program seeks to fill in any learning gaps caused by virtual learning and the advent of COVID-19. A huge part of this program is the combination of physical activity and academic study. C4K knows that physically active children retain information better and also perform better on tests.

The Jump In team requested several types of equipment and supplies to this program to further enrich the experience of the students and help them do their best. OKCPS has expressed a large need for items like jump ropes, water bottles, running shoes and more to this program and support these students.

""At Cleats for Kids, we often see the strong connection between sports/physical activity and success in the classroom. We know that kids that are more physically active, have fewer discipline problems, better attendance, higher grades and more self confidence," C4K Director of Operations Allyson Meyer said. "When Angela Suttles called about C4K partnering with OKCPS for their summer Jump In program, it was an easy yes! We loved how that also saw the benefit of keeping kids active and made it a key part in their summer learning program. We are so thankful to be able to provide this opportunity to OKCPS kids!"

C4K would like to thank OKCPS for partnering with us! It's an honor to make sure these students have what they need to start the school year on the right foot. We would also like to thank our C4K Young Professionals Board for helping us fundraise to make this partnership possible!

See photos from the sessions below!