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Bedlam Drive 2019 Underway NOW!

C4K's annual Bedlam Drive is BACK!

From now until October 25th, students at OU & OSU will be collecting equipment on their respective campuses. Keep an eye out for white donation boxes with our logo on them at various locations! We accept sports shoes and equipment for any sport, in any size and of any type.

At the conclusion of the drive, EVERYONE is invited to join us for a celebration of the impact we can have when we join TOGETHER. Students from both schools will deliver their equipment and cheer on the athlete's at a morning of PAL games at Capitol Hill's Speegle Stadium.

Saturday, October 25, 2019
Speegle Stadium, Capitol Hill High School
(500 SW Grand Blvd)

This drive plays an integral part in our ability to keep our Locker Room stocked. Last year, these students brought in THOUSANDS of pieces of equipment that were a huge help in equipping and empowering kids throughout 2019.

Thank you to these students helping equip and empower kids!