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A Very Merry Christmas, Indeed!

Local medical supply company 180 Medical is set to make a huge impact on Oklahoma athletes through their incredibly generous gift to C4K this holiday season! Through their parent company ConvaTec's Life + Program, 180 Medical staff was able to raise $31,200 that they then chose to donate to C4K's mission of equipping and empowering sports.

The Life + Program was started this year and seeks to help young people in need access educational health programs, better nutrition and outlets for healthy activity. The funds were raised through a company-wide walking challenge where employees across the country walked over 8 million steps during the 100 day challenge.

Seth Segel, CEO of the US Home Distribution Group said: “We are very pleased to provide this donation to Cleats for Kids. Our team(s) from the US Home Distribution Group, including our local team at 180 Medical, did an amazing job working on their health and fitness and this has enabled us to make this donation. The money we are giving will help younger people live healthier lives and we are very excited to be contributing to the excellent work Cleats for Kids does in this area.”

“The entire Board of Directors and staff at Cleats for Kids is honoured to receive this generous gift from ConvaTec,” said Executive Director Stacy McDaniel. “We believe sports can absolutely change the life of a child and this donation will help us equip and empower thousands of young athletes across the entire state of Oklahoma.”

C4K has already served 20,000 young people this year and a donation of this magnitude is sure to help us impact even more in 2019! Thank you to ConvaTec and 180 Medical for their generosity this holiday season!