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35th Swine Week at Edmond Memorial a HUGE Success

Swine Week, the oldest of the incredible fundraising weeks held at Edmond high schools, wrapped up their community service project last week! What began as a fundraiser for a student where the principal offered to kiss a pig has now grown to a weeklong celebration of what students can do in the community!

Swine Week's 35th anniversary raised $608,000 for the HALO Project - a 10-week intensive outpatient program designed to meet the unique and diverse needs of children in foster care, children that have been adopted or children that exhibit difficulty in the area of attachment. The work they do in the community is incredible and we are so excited to see what an impact this gift will make on their mission serving kids.

As with the other fundraising weeks, C4K will receive 5% of the funds raised as the Common Thread recipient. We are so overjoyed for the generosity of the Edmond community and are so grateful to each student, teacher, family member and business who helped make this possible.

Congratulations to the entire Edmond Memorial community for their hard work! You are a great example of Kids Helping Kids and we can't wait to see what impact your generosity will have.

Allyson was lucky to attend a few assemblies this week, check out more photos - INCLUDING A SPECIAL PIG APPEARANCE - below!