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2019-2020 Varsity Board Meets for the First Time

A big C4K welcome to our 2019-2020 Varsity Board!

This group of 119 kids from 14 high schools across the metro area seek to be an active voice for athletes in the community. They strive to engage kids in sports-related community service while helping to provide equipment for our Locker Room through collection drives and events. We also have an executive board that governs this group made up of 18 kids.

The C4K Varsity Board is an integral part of our mission because it encourages kids to help other kids! We believe that a community engaged in philanthropy at all levels is a strong community.

A huge thank you to A Jaye Johnson from the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County for letting us take over the club o Western Avenue! We can't WAIT to see what amazing things this group does!